Where I come from

My name is Mark Andrew Junkin but everyone calls me Andy.  I am a 7th generation farm boy whose parents divorced due to farm succession/farm management issues.  I am hell bent on changing how things are done so what happened to me doesn't happen to you!  

For the past decade I have mediated the most dire farm succession family disputes and solved farm debt crises across North America.  I still mediate several crisis cases every week and have a gift for turning dire situations around quickly.  Although I have made this my life's work and take pride in saving family farms, my goal is to eliminate the need for mediators altogether by changing how farm families make decisions together.

What I do

I have a unique niche expertise in the Business Culture of Agriculture.  I am the leading expert in the field of farm decision science and motivation.  I've written 4 books, including "Farming with Family."  I speak all over the world on this topic and write for nine farming magazines. 

Whether your farm has a succession or financial crisis, it all comes down to the root problem of how your family solves problems together! I get everyone from butting heads to pulling in the same direction by getting everyone to Focus On What Matters!

How I do it

I have developed a unique method over phone or internet to chair weekly family business meetings and work with farm families across North America and Australia.  I meet with families for a 1/2 hour business meeting whereby we plan the forthcoming week and brainstorm ways to continually improve farm operations.

I used to drive 100,000 miles a year and now primarily work with farm families thru conference calls/SKYPE.   I not only like waking up beside my wife but really have seen 10X better results using this technology.  Short/sweet meetings and continuous improvement is much better than doing too much change all at once!  The follow-thru is amazing!

Part of our process includes an online course where farmers are able to discern for themselves where they are and where they want to be.   

Behind the scenes

I married Bernadette Fox, a farm girl from Michigan, this past April 2017. Agriculture Strategy is now a team effort between my wife and myself.

We moved to Iowa City, the heart of the heartland, to be the center of our customer base and better serve our clients.

I am the "face" of Agriculture Strategy while she works diligently behind the scenes to make it all work! We are both driven to save family farms and I am so grateful to have her by my side.   

We are here for you

Bernadette and I live to save family farms. Our philosophy is manifest through believing that we can take any farm and help it grow from GOOD to GREAT by improving HOW the family makes decisions together.  We can't judge, that's not even part of our makeup. We are here to make a positive change in how your family works together; thus, increasing the profitably of your farm and your long-term happiness!  

We are in the business of improving the odds of your family's name being on your farm's mailbox in 30 years time by getting everyone to "Focus on What Matters."