Farming with Family: 5 Hours to guide the next 5 years...

Farming with Family is an strategic seminar that helps farm families define a common strategy and then develop a career plan for how the son or daughter is going to work their way into the family business over the next five years.

It is the first on-boarding program for College graduates of it’s kind in the agriculture sector.

We can either deliver this program on farm ($1,000 +travel) or over SKYPE ($300).

When we get right down to it, this program will let you walk away with a turnkey plan for your present and future that will eliminate >50% of the family fights that you probably would have had over the next decade!

Farming with Family will dramatically improve the success of how your family on-boards the next generation over the next five years which will dramatically improve the odds of your family’s name staying on your farm’s mailbox in 30-years time!


When this meeting ends we offer the opportunity for your family to have follow-up meetings throughout the course of the next five years to hold each family member accountable to the changes and goals discussed.


Watch video below to learn more and/or give us a call today.