New Year's Resolutions Program: How can your farm go from GOOD to GREAT next year?

The decision to not make a decision is a decision in itself. Is communicating strategically your family’s strength or weakness? With commodity prices crashing, what will prevent your farm being like the Titanic heading at full speed towards an Iceberg?

Each winter, every farm family should sit down for an afternoon and ask themselves, how can we go from good to great? Often this discussion never happens, leading to bickering throughout the year. This is ridiculous!

Would it not make sense to sit down for an afternoon to discuss where your farm is going to be in 2020? Would it not be beneficial to breakdown what positive changes have to happen in 2018 to make these goals happen?

This is what we do with the New Year’s Resolution program. We sit down with your family for an afternoon strategic planning session where we set both long and short-term goals for your family business. Prior to the meeting through a brief survey and over-the-phone interviews, we ask each family member thought-provoking questions so that this afternoon seminar is a “power hour” that positively changes the farm’s future. In this afternoon session we identify where your farm is at, where you want to go with the business and what changes have to happen to make it happen.

Everyone walks away with realistic projects and resolutions to work on in 2018.

This program costs $1,000 + travel to your farm OR $300 over SKYPE. No hidden fees.

We won't try to solve all of your family's issues in one afternoon or family relations could go nuclear and you'll have more issues to deal with. However, if we can make a couple of improvements in how your family squeezes more profitability out of the farm and how your family works together, then everyone wins. We focus on the positive. Our theme question in this meeting is "how can you take your farm from Good to Great in 2018?"


When this meeting ends we offer the opportunity for your family to have follow-up meetings throughout the course of the year to hold each family member accountable to the changes and goals discussed in January.


Want to learn more? Watch video below and/or give us a call today.