Our show “The Culture of Agriculture” is live streamed every week night at 8pm CST. Watch it live here or go directly to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/agriculturestrategy/live

This show is livestreamed at 8:00pm CST Monday-Thursdays. 

This show examines the business culture of Agriculture and how a farm family can evolve its business culture from Good to Great.  Each night we’ll interview successful farmers, agriculture professionals, and management consultants from different sectors for their unique insights and perspectives.  Your host is Andy Junkin who will have a new guest every night, a regular panel of successful farmers contributing their insight, and viewers sharing their comments and questions via social media. 

In this show we cover five key themes: 

  1. How can you get everyone within the family pulling towards the same direction? 

  2. How can everyone organize their time so they are more productive at work and beyond?

  3. How can you minimize interpersonal issues so that your family works together as a team? 

  4. How can you motivate everyone within the family to play at their optimum best? 

  5. How can you better onboard family members and spouses into a leadership/ownership role? 

Most farm papers barely touch these topics, yet a dysfunctional business culture is what causes most multimillion dollar farm empires to fall apart.  This program is geared strictly to farm families but the topics are relevant to any small family business.  It’s purpose is to provide farm families practical ideas that can help them evolve their family’s business culture from "Good to Great". 

At the end of 2017 Andy will be releasing an Audiobook CD consisting of the best interviews.

A few sample shows include: