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Changing how farm families deal with change


To be released Summer 2018.



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Too often, when multiple partners are involved in any farming operation, miscommunication and egos affect the farm’s bottom line more than external influences like the markets and weather!

Until now, no one has ever considered how critical the farm’s decision-making methods within the family impacts the farm’s bottom line and also how the family gets along day to day. This is an especially relevant issue during the decade prior to and after farm asset succession when multiple generations/siblings are co-managing the farm. The ability for a family to make decisions together and actually get those ideas into reality is what determines farm profitability. Dysfunctional joint decision making creates dysfunctional farm families and inefficient family farms!  It is the root problem to a multitude of other problems!  

Regrettably, this is one of those unstated but HUGE issues on the majority of multi-generational family farms. But thank God, there is a solution and Andy Junkin has implemented it all across North America, saving family farms and giving farms a huge leg-up in the industry in the process. It is this solution that farmers will drive through even a snowstorm to hear...


“After reading Junkin’s book, I drove 6+ hours to hear him speak and was not disappointed.”

Lynn Mayer - Mayer Ranches Inc, Kimball, South Dakota

“We had Junkin speak at our Annual Convention last fall and the audience loved it. We believe his message is so unique/important that we are flying him in to speak to the graduating classes of the three biggest Agriculture Universities in our State this spring.”

Justin Loch - Montana Farmers Union, Great Falls, Montana

”Junkin’s message was clear and to the point, successful farm business transition meetings begin with relationships at home and if those aren’t working well, neither will the legal transitions. His honesty and forthcoming about what it takes to mentor farm families with his ability to correlate it to working farm families was a highlight of our conference.”

Heidi Doering-Resch - Form-A-Feed, Stewart, Minnesota

“Mark Andrew Junkin provided attendees with wonderful insight on how to deal with the many situations that multi-generational farming presents. His ability to keep attendees attention from start to finish is a testament to his talent to communicate his message.”

Shannon Berndt, Executive Director - National Pulse Growers Association


Andy Junkin's favorite thing to do in life is to speak to farmers! 

Andy is passionate about evangelizing the need for farmers to rethink how they make decisions together. He works to get the message out through speaking across the US and Canada at a myriad of events, conferences, and workshops. He also shares his message through regional, national, and international publications. His 5th book is in the works and is scheduled to be available by Fall 2018.

Audiences find Junkin's folksy manner both fun, interesting, and relevant.  His own family fell apart due to these issues and farm families really appreciate his passion to develop an alternative solution.  While touching on deep issues affecting almost every family, these talks are kept light and down-to-earth, but always professional.  Farmers especially find the follow up Q&A fascinating because of Junkin’s on-farm experiences in turning around many a family farm crisis. Junkin lives to save family farms and audiences quickly appreciate this passion.

As part of his basic speaking package, Junkin gifts each audience member with a copy of "Farming with Family Ain't Always Easy" at the end of the seminar or event.  The book reinforces the message and sparks a family conversation that catalyzes real change! His next book, "Tough Times Never Last, Tough Farmers Do" (set to be released July 2018), will be a part of the speaking package for the talk centered around overcoming the looming farm crisis.

Alternatively, we can directly mail these to a list of farmers who attended past events six weeks prior and we have found that this action nearly tripled event attendance, even in poor weather!

National Milk Producers Association Speech 2017. In this talk Andy Junkin discusses how the dynamics of farm succession can either be a positive or negative factor for a farm family surviving low milk prices.

Andy Junkin speaks to a mixed group of farmers and agribusiness men and women in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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