“Farming with Family Ain’t Always Easy!”

Too often, when multiple partners are involved in any farming operation, miscommunication and egos affects the farm’s bottom line more than the influence of weather and markets altogether!  This is Agriculture’s undiagnosed yet most dire issue! 

During the decade prior to and after this moment when the assets are transferred on paper, family members are working together. The dysfunctional manner in which families make and implement decisions together creates dysfunctional businesses.  The dysfunctional manner in which patriarchs hand over management control creates both dysfunctional managers, crazy families and out of control business management. 

Until now, succession planning has always been focused on the transition of assets from one generation to the next.  This is an event at the accountant’s office, where the focus is on dividing the pie between siblings and avoid paying the tax man.  Only lip service is paid to how management is to be transitioned.   This is the problem! 

The book looks at the core issues & provides unique solutions in a folksy manner.

The author breaks apart the science of farm decision making and family dynamics in a scientific yet practical manner.  Over the past decade he has studied management techniques normally applied within Fortune 500 companies (ex. Six Sigma) and figured out pragmatic methods that the principles of these systems can be applied with the context of any “Blue Collar Family Business”.  Using real world examples he illustrates how these academic concepts can be applied onto family farms using simplistic methods.  It’s in an 80 minute Audio Book CD and a 75 page “quick read” format. 


Although the author uses farms as example of all the concepts are applicable to most family ran businesses and is a must read for all businesses where multiple generations are struggling with the succession of management.  Due to the baby boom demographic, this is a must read for most family ran businesses which are struggling with succession issues!  It’s an undiscussed problem which affects many families!    

This book is the ideal Christmas gift for the individual or family that has it all.  Whether you are a concerned family friend or an Agriculture Business, this gift is one which will benefit your friends for generations to come!   

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Click on above link to read a recent newspaper article about the book in Junkin's Hometown Paper or click the video link below to listen to a 10 minute segment from the 120 minute Audiobook.