Year In Review:   How can your farm go from GOOD to GREAT next year?

Each winter, every farm family should sit down for an afternoon and ask themselves, how can we go from good to great? Often this discussion never happens, leading to bickering throughout the year.  This is broken!

Over SKYPE, we meet with your family for an afternoon to chair an annual family business meeting to discuss your farm’s goals for the forthcoming year and how you can work better as a team next year. We offer this service for free, allowing you to experience working with Andy over SKYPE and understand what it’s like to make decisions with Andy as a facilitator.  


Rather than talk about what we do, we'd rather show you.  Seeing is believing!

We offer this 3 hour program for free (no strings attached) so you can get to know Andy and see how SKYPE meetings work. 

For many farm families suggesting trying a new approach to running family meetings can be a very sensitive topic and we are very sensitive to this.  This is why we let you first complete each of the five modules of the program (five days worth of videos and thought-provoking questions) and then speak with Andy Junkin one-on-one to discuss the program more in depth and get to know Andy better. If you are happy with the program we welcome you to sign your whole family up. After each family member has completed the five modules we will setup a time to discuss the future of your farm over SKYPE for an afternoon meeting if everyone is onboard. 

We won't try to solve all of your family's issues in one afternoon or else you'll have more issues to deal with.  However, if we can make a couple of improvements in how your family squeezes more profitability out of the farm and how your family works together, then everyone wins.  Our theme question in this meeting is "how can you take your farm from Good to Great in 2017?"