On most family farms miscommunication and egos affects the farm’s bottom line more than the markets and weather all together!

We DOUBLE farm profit by helping STUBBORN farmers work better together.

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We are in the business of improving the odds of your family still farming successfully in 2050.

In farm succession planning, everyone focuses on who gets what. Farmers spend tens of thousands of dollars to setup farm loans and documents that are signed in a ten-minute window at a lawyer’s office. Few professionals actually care about whether the young farmer has been groomed to realize their full potential FIRST or whether the farm is economically viable a decade AFTER that moment. We do.

Nobody has realized that for the decade prior to that moment you have multiple generations/siblings stubbornly making decisions together which creates a lot of frustrations, dysfunctional families, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. This is the root of all evils and is the problem we solve.

We help farm families make joint decisions together and, in the process, help parents groom successful successors. We do this by getting farm families to stop being stubborn with each other and start being stubborn about the critical things they must do to be successful.

We have two different solutions, depending on your circumstances:


We’ve created a game changing online course called “Coming Home to Farm” which is being adapted by several agriculture colleges and farm organizations. 

This course is designed for beginning farmers returning home after college/careers, focusing on how the successors will be integrated into farm management with the purpose of getting the farm business partnership off on the right foot! 


For farms where multiple generations have been awkwardly working together for several years, we have a unique consulting program. It has a track record of turning around the direst farm crisis (farm debt, farm mental health crisis or unsuccessful farm successions) by improving HOW the family makes decisions together. 

Instead of trying to fix everything in two days, we meet with your family (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) over ZOOM.us to make a few changes to how you work together, which over two years adds up to hundreds of little improvements. 

We’ve saved hundreds of families from farm bankruptcies and farm divorce messes, but our unique method can take any farm from good to great. This is what we love to do! 

When you think about it, anything you can do to improve the QUALITY of HOW a farm family makes and implements decisions together will eliminate farm stress and directly skyrocket profitability!

Why not eliminate the frustrations?  Why not work with us and make farming with family fun again?

Our Guarantee:

We always guarantee a >3:1 return on investment/strategic benefit or we simply don’t invoice. 

Fishing for a Farm Loan?

Our unique process helps you successfully work through these common headaches. . .

Just look at what our clients are saying . . .

We know money is tight on your farm right now and our service is unconventional…for qualified farms we offer our first month’s services for FREE!

Office: 800-474-2057 OR Text: 319-775-1152

We have pioneered a completely new profession in agriculture which in a decade will be as common as a farm needing a vet or accountant. To better learn our niche, we are giving away copies of our latest book/audiobook “Bulletproof Your Farm” to qualified farmers to explain our unique philosophies.

We promise to never spam or harass you after, we simply don’t have time for that. 🙂

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