I help

stubborn farmers

work better together

Andy “Caygeon” Junkin

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How are ya now?

My name is Andy Junkin.

On my 35th birthday, I almost hung myself in my family’s barn. I wasn’t mentally ill – I was emotionally sick due to the extreme FRUSTRATIONS of trying to farm with my STUBBORN family. Like you, I lived to farm with my family and it damned-near killed me.

For the past decade, I have been hellbent to flip STUBBORN from a bad word into a good thing for farm families. I have developed a game-changing process that has helped hundreds of farmers across North America and I know I can help you!

Sumption Farms image

Andy provided the methods for my 4 brothers and I to better solve strategic problems. Now, our farm is more profitable and we are having a lot more fun farming together.

Warren Sumption

Sumption Farms

(17k acres cash crop/beef)

Frederick, SD

When we met Andy six months ago, we were about to split up our farm partnership. Now we are getting along so well that we are bringing our brother-in-law into the partnership.

Austin and Dane Brown

R.L. Brown Farms LLC

(3k acres sugar beet/cash crop)

Jerome, ID

I help farm families like yours STOP being STUBBORN

where it causes their farms to fail….

And become MORE STUBBORN at the HABITS  

that make their farms succeed!

I guarantee a 300% ROI, or I simply won’t invoice

How Do I Fix Stubborn on YOUR farm?

We get everyone hyper-focused on what success looks like, help everyone become self aware of what is holding your family back (without judging), and over 25 weeks make one improvement in how your family works together each week.

We focus on making three big improvements on your farm:

Become LESS stubborn

Help your family make one improvement in how your family works together.

Become MORE stubborn

Coach each partner to develop a new habit that turns a weakness into a strength.

STOP being stubborn with each other

Help your family brainstorm a $5,000 improvement in farm efficiency, which not only dramatically improves farm profit but also gets your family actually listening to each other.

In 25 sessions, these 25+ positive little changes quickly add up to take your farm culture (and each farmer) from good to great, making your farm and family 250% better!

Andy sees me as a diamond-in-the- rough. He’s helping me to reach my full potential by helping me to stay focused and holding me accountable.

Lamont Bridgeforth

2017 DTN Young Farmer of the Year

Darden Bridgeforth & Sons

(13k acres cotton)


Over three years, Andy helped us double our operation’s size and my role evolved from driving tractor to managing 150+ men.

Chris Wismer

Glen Elgin Vineyards Management

(1,200 acres vineyards)

Niagara Falls, Ontario


Anything you can do to improve family decision-making will exponentially skyrocket farm profit and make farming with family fun again!

This is WHY I can guarantee a 300% ROI

Does STUBBORN describe your family?

  • How many decisions aren’t getting made because of your bickering?
  • How much potential farm profit is being lost?
  • Is succession a mess?
  • Do you feel guilty having a life beyond work?
  • Are you going home from the farm stressed?

Is STUBBORN killing your farm’s future? 

Flip stubborn on its head and take one of my free Masterclasses!

Office #: 800-474-2057

I am in the business of improving the odds of your family still farming for generations to come!

Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314