On most family farms miscommunication and egos affects the farm’s bottom line more than the markets and weather all together!

We DOUBLE farm profit by helping STUBBORN farmers work better together.

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How? Over Zoom we chair a weekly meeting where we help your family make one improvement in how your team works together and one improvement in farm profitability.

We get everyone “living” a common farm business plan, paying attention to critical numbers/goals in a practical way that works for a working family farm.


Behind the scenes, we help groom young farmers into management (farm succession planning), turnaround farm debt, and help depressed farmers find happiness.

Within a year, you’ll be amazed by how our unique methods skyrocket your farm’s profit and make farming with family fun again…

Our Guarantee:

We always guarantee a >3:1 return on investment/strategic benefit or we simply don’t invoice. 

Fishing for a Farm Loan?

Just look at what our clients are saying . . .

We know money is tight on your farm right now and our service is unconventional…for qualified farms we offer our first month’s services for FREE!

Office: 800-474-2057 OR Text: 319-775-1152

We have pioneered a completely new profession in agriculture which in a decade will be as common as a farm needing a vet or accountant. To better learn our niche, we are giving away copies of our latest book/audiobook “Bulletproof Your Farm” to qualified farmers to explain our unique philosophies.

We promise to never spam or harass you after, we simply don’t have time for that. 🙂

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