On family farms miscommunication and egos affects the farm’s bottom line more than the markets and weather all together!

We live to DOUBLE farm profit by helping STUBBORN farmers work better together.

(Also making farm succession SUCCESSFUL behind the scenes!)

We fix stubborn!

We help evolve farm families from being stubborn with each other to being stubborn about key things they must do to succeed!

Over the last 13 years, we’ve made farming fun again for hundreds of farms across Canada and USA via Zoom. We do this by helping farm families make joint decisions together and, in the process, help parents groom successful successors. 

We are in the business of improving the odds of your family farming successfully in 2050!

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There is nobody doing what we do, but if you’ve been awkwardly farming with family for a few years, you probably have experienced the pain of not using our unique services.

But why don’t you figure that out for yourself by listening to a few podcasts while you farm?

  • Is farm succession what keeps you up at night?
  • Are there too many chiefs and not enough Indians on your farm?
  • Do you have a partner who can’t get his ass out of bed in the morning?
  • Do partners shift blame and problems never really get solved?
  • Are you a young woman who is not being seen as an equal on the farm?
  • Do you feel that you and your partners are on a ship with no rudder, being steered wherever the wind blows?
  • Does it seem like everyone does whatever the heck they want? No accountability?
  • Do you feel conflicted by personal commitments and farm responsibilities?
  • Do your partners not listen to each other and change is slow?
  • Who is Andy “Bobcaygeon” Junkin?

Listen to all the above podcasts while you work!

Our Guarantee:

We always guarantee a >3:1 return on investment/strategic benefit or we simply don’t invoice. 

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