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Farming is no longer a single-player sport! Farmers are living longer. Suddenly we have multiple generations farming together and because of the economies of scale required, multiple siblings/cousins are farming together as well. Without anyone recognizing it, farming has shifted from an individual to a team sport. To farm successfully, we need to shift from a "Me to We" mindset and learn to play together as a team!

By nature, farmers are stubborn and we often are fumbling the ball as a team.

Successful sports franchises don’t focus their efforts on throwing a ball as much as they focus on getting their players acting as a team. They recognize that teamwork isn’t fluff, this is the key to success. So do the world’s most successful businesses. Why doesn’t your farm?

In order to still be farming in 2050, your “team” has to play at the NFL level - not the high school level. ASAP.

How much lost potential profit, inefficiencies and frustrations has your farm family experienced over the past five years (let alone 10 or 20 years!) because your “team” isn’t functioning at its full potential?

By getting farm families working together as a team, most of the time we double a farm's profit. You'd be amazed by how much more profit can be squeezed out of an operation if everyone is pulling together, instead of butting heads! Our methods have turned around the most dire farm debt cases and can take any successful farm from good to great!

Over SKYPE we chair a weekly family business meeting and behind the scenes get everyone working together as a team.

Every fiscal quarter, we work with your family to turn your weaknesses into strengths in several management categories and it's amazing how the philosophy "continuous improvement" can change your farm's profit and lifestyle within a year!

We are the first to apply sport psychology to farming. We double farm profit by helping stubborn farmers work better together.

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