Over the past five years commodity prices have dropped by half and we believe that every farm has to cut their cost of production by 25% over the next three years to ensure continued survival.

That might make sense, but sound impossible right?

On most farms, miscommunication and egos affects the farm’s bottom line more than the markets and weather altogether. How many times have you had an idea to improve the farm, but never mentioned it because of family politics? How many times has your family talked about an idea, but never got it successfully implemented?

Each week we get each partner to come to the table with one idea to improve farm profit. We start with small ideas (<$1,000) and the scope of these ideas grows. If you have two partners identifying a $1,000 efficiency weekly, within 52 weeks that quickly adds up to over $100,000 in new found efficiency. However, what is more profound is that this process problem solves the fundamentals of how your family problem solves and unleashes a quantum leap in how your farm strategically plans together. We’ve had clients double their operation sizes over three years, other farms double the value of their crops and other farms drop their debt by half! When you think about it, anything you can do to improve HOW your family makes decisions together is going to DIRECTLY IMPROVE farm profitability.