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“It’s the farm or me!”

Save your marriage and your partnership!

10 unorthodox ideas on HOW to balance a successful farm with a successful family.

If you have these challenges on your farm, you’ll love this FREE webinar: 

1.  Struggling to be the parent/spouse you want to be.

2.  Life beyond work is suffering.

3.  Your partners lack respect for your spouse’s opinions.

4.  Partners are constantly micromanaging your life. 

5.  The partnership that doesn’t feel equal.


If you want ten practical ideas that will take both your marriage and your farming partnership from good to great, this hour-long webinar is a game changer!


Andy Junkin helps STUBBORN farm families work better together! Over the past decade, Andy has helped hundreds of farm families go from butting heads to pulling in the same direction by radically fixing the root issues of what causes both farms and farming partnerships to fail. 


Every Sunday at 8pm CST, Andy delivers an hour-long educational webinar on a niche topic that no one else is talking about. This FREE webinar isn’t a sales pitch, but his way of giving back to Agriculture.


By signing up for this webinar, you’ll not only register for the webinar, but we’ll text you a link right away for free access to Andy

Junkin’s audiobook, “Bulletproof Your Farm.” You can listen to this audiobook on your cell while you farm between now and the webinar! 

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